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100 RIM Change and Transformation Tips

1. Clearly communicate the vision and direction of the change. 2. Measure along the way, to see how you are tracking against your milestones. 3. Instil the desire to adopt new, better habits. 4. Lead by demonstrating new behaviours. 5.

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Developing Personal Leadership – If not you, then who?

On multiple occasions in the past month I have been confronted with “I’m not a manager, and so I have no authority in that area”.  Each of my partners in conversation has used the statement to abdicate responsibility for action

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Linked Training @Linked_Training

To better accommodate the number of participants attending our HP RM8 Event in #Darwin we have changed the venue:

Linked Training @Linked_Training

‘HP RM8 What’s new & what’s changed’ free event -Melbourne: 21 Nov| Darwin: 24 Nov| Canberra: 9 Dec| Brisbane: 3 Dec.

Linked Training @Linked_Training

Be our guest at a one-off event to prepare organisations for future upgrades to HP RM8. #Darwin 24th November

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